A red dot scope, just like the name suggests, is a scope mounted on a rifle that uses a red dot as the scope's reticle. Red dot scopes are popular sighting choices and are available from most scope manufacturers. The scope will have two adjustments, one on the top for elevation and one on the side for windage. The adjustments on the scope will be measured in clicks of the adjuster knob, where each click is equal to a certain distance of adjustment. Different scopes use various adjustment distances, so refer to the scope's manual to find out the distance of adjustment each click will make.

Detailed Product Description
Dot sight Riflescope
Magnification: 1x 20mmx15mm
Body material: Aluminium alloy
Conversion between red and green dot
Unit dimension: 45mmx27mmx32mm
Unit weight: 120g
Model of mount: siamesed
Size of mount: siamesed

1.Red laser sight suitable for real firearms
2.with W/E adjustment knobs
3.Fast aiming&shooting,
4.ON/OFF& corded switches

1)High quality and competitive price
2)Short time delivery
3)Affordable prices
4)Abundant inventory
5)Process upon customer's sample