contains:nylon brush,wool map, Bronze brush,Two aluminum pole, pin
Complete pocket kit with rotating rod for pistol.

-For .38/.357 and 9mm Cal. Handguns.
-Copper Alloy Precision Cleaning Rods with Tight Tolerance Threads for Guaranteed Level and Long Lasting Use.
-Robust Construction with Excellent Strength and Durability, Offering Full Protection of Barrel.
-Value Pack of 3 Brushes Made from Bronze, Cotton Mop, and Nylon for Use in Lightest to Most Thorough Cleaning Operations.
-Includes a Great Quality Copper Patch Loop for Fast Bore Cleaning with Patches.
-All Threads are Standard 8-32 and Interchangeable with any Components on the Market.
-Comes with Bonus Polymer Case (4 5/8" X 2 7/8" X 1 1/4") with Internal Clam and Padding for Easy Carry and Convenient Storage.
-Superb Quality & Value with Unmatchable Wholesale Price.

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