These grips are larger and with the palm swell fit my hand perfectly allowing greater control of the rifle. The softer material also helps with recoil.
Both grips now have a storage area secured with tool free screw cap. A captive thumb nut tightens the grip to the rail on both models. Both models have two locking lugs to prevent any front to back movement along the rail.

Detailed Product Description
* Made of high quality Nylon           
* Vertical foregrip can be equipped with LED flashlight, Red/Green Laser sight.            
* Flashlight activated by pressure swith           
* Bult-in QD mount fit for picatinny/weaver rail           
* With  Battery/tools compartment           
* Perfect for outdoor war games

- No need for fragile, expensive pressure switches or wires.
- Safety switch prevents accidental activation of light.
- Ergonomically designed vertical foregrip has storage compartment for batteries, cleaning kits, etc.
- Rear trigger activation switch.
- Fits Picatinny rails.
- Mounts with a quick release for instant safe use off the weapon.
- Additional locking screw for more permanent installation.
- MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite.