2018-06-25 14:59:20

Compact hunting military infrared rifle scope

As a prominent plastic products manufacturer which has been experienced in plastic industry for 15 years, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying quality range of Sporting Type Scope. The offered products, such as rifle scope, airgun scope, spotting scope, compete with the various parameters on quality and is unblemished as far as its superiority, quality and functionality is concerned. Moreover, the Sporting Type Scopes we offered are available in various sizes and patterns and are available at leading market prices. more contact sales@sinomeoutdoor.com

Product Description


LightBlue Red Green
Eye Relief60mm 

Click Value

Tube Path(mm)25.4mm
Parallax Correction100yds
Focusing modeObjective focus
Material Aluminum alloy
Length347 mm

Rifle scope includes telescopic sight, collimating optical sight, and reflex sight.The telescopic sight and the reflex sight are the most popular, and used at day, also name day scope/day sight. In additional, if we add night vision on the day scope, it's called scope/night sight.

A telescopic sight, is asighting device that is based on an optical refracting telescope. They are equipped with some form of graphic image pattern (a reticle) mounted in an optically appropriate position in their optical system to give an accurate aiming point. Telescopic sights are used with all types of systems that require accurate aiming but are most commonly found on fire arms, particularly rifles. Other types of sights are iron sights, reflector (reflex) sights, and laser sights.